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May 2017


Rhythm Games


Cup games help us to improve our rhythm skills in a fun way. It can be overwhelming to learn a challenging rhythm and a complex melody at the same time, but when we focus on just the rhythm, it suddenly becomes a game! 

January 2017


Lila’s Duet

Ensemble playing is such a blast! Notice Lila's intense concentration as she works to play her part of the duet in time with her partner. But you'll see her sweet smile of satisfaction as she successfully arrives at the end of her piece.

January 2020


Addie’s Recital Performance

Addie performs Gymnopédie No. 1  (by Erik Satie) at the January 2020 recital. Addie's performance invites us to forget our everyday stressors and immerse ourselves in lush harmonies and slow rhythms. Who can listen to this performance and feel anxious?

June 2017


Carra’s Recital Performance

Carra performs Shadows (Alexander & Mier) at the June 2017 recital. Carra's playing evokes the fright of a shadowy figure creeping up from behind. But with the delightful turn at the end of the piece, Carra convinces us that there's no need to be afraid!

June 2018


Chloe’s Recital Performance


Chloe performs The Black Pony (Lajos Papp) at the June 2018 recital. As Chloe plays, listen to the high-stepping pony prancing on the keys. Can you feel yourself riding a pony alongside Chloe? What a spirited performance of a playful composition!

June 2018

Angela's Recital Performance


Angela performs Song of Twilight (Yoshinao Nakada) at the June 2018 recital. Angela's interpretation of Song of Twilight induces a calm reflective mood in her listeners. She displays a lovely singing melody over a pulsing accompaniment, and by the final ritardando we are lulled into complete peace.

June 2017

Angela’s Group Class Piece


A students-only group class is a great opportunity to hone performance skills. Here Angela plays Mist (Clifford Poole) for her peers, which builds her confidence for recital day. Everyone knows that practice makes perfect, but this applies to performance techniques too!  

January 2020

Candace’s Recital Performance


Candace performs Rhapsody No. 2 (Johannes Brahms) at the January 2020 recital. Brahms was a great admirer of Classical form, which you can hear in the structure of this piece. However, he definitely leaned toward the Romantic sensibilities in his passionate intensity and unexpected harmonies. 

January 2021

Anderson's First Recital 


Anderson's first performance experience happened during the pandemic, when we were having our recitals in video format for safety. Here he plays a piece called Boogie Woogie Beat, which introduces the 8-to-the-bar pattern that is the foundation of all boogie-woogie. It's great to see a beginner play with such clarity and confidence! 

June 2021

Inga's Version of Classic Dance

After only 10 lessons, Inga is already shaping her melody so beautifully. She found the Classic Dance piece from her piano book too simple, so she elaborated the musical ideas to make them more satisfying. Manipulating an existing piece in this way is an early exercise in composition.

January 2022

Aurora's Virtual Recital Submission

Here Aurora shares her latest project, an Aria by Bach from the Anna Magdalena Notebook. Notice her steady, deliberate touch and the controlled way she presents changes in volume. Brava Aurora!

January 2023

Sean's Recital Performance

The residents of Hunters Woods at Trails Edge welcomed us back for another recital. Sean’s rousing rendition of a Hungarian Dance by Brahms was a program highlight. The Hungarian Dances were popular during Brahms’ lifetime, and their appeal hasn’t faded. Sean has good reason to be proud of his controlled but spirited presentation!

Candace and Sean share a laugh at the group class.

June 2017


Group Class Fun

Sean and Candace share a laugh at the group class. The atmosphere of a group class is supportive and relaxed. Students have the opportunity to share their progress with their peers, and learn active listening techniques.

Candace and Angela smiling in front of piano after Angela finishes her recital piece.

January 2017


Recital Photo

Lasting memories are made on recital day! This was taken at our winter recital in January 2017. The residents of Hunters Woods Fellowship House were delighted by the children's playing, and by the opportunity to interact with the children after the performance

Candace and 9 of her students gather at the piano for a photo after the June 2017 recital performance.

June 2017

June 2017 Performers


Some of the participants in the June 2017 Recital at the Woman’s Club of Arlington. This year we had the joy of playing on an amazing Steinway, and there were plenty of duets in the recital program. 

Iris & Candace perform a duet at the January 2020 recital.

January 2020


Recital duet with Iris


In January 2020, at Hunters Woods at Trails Edge, Iris entertains the residents with an arrangement of To a Wild Rose by Edward MacDowell. Duets are always crowd-pleasers, but this piece in particular has a charmingly beautiful melody. 

Candace and 7 of her students gather for a picture in front of the piano after the June 2019 recital.

June 2019


June 2019 Performers

Some of the participants in the June 2019 Recital at Reston Community Center. One of the highlights of this program was Carra's performance of her own uplifting composition, Just a Day Away. 

Kara is sitting on the piano bench in a very comfortable position as she begins her first lesson with Candace.

February 2020


Kara’s first lesson


There is so much to discover on the piano keys! First lessons often include an exploration of the layout of black and white keys on the keyboard, learning names of all of the keys, and memorizing a recognizable song to share with friends and family.  

Iris smiles as she delivers her curtsey after her performance after the Juen 2017 recital.

June 2017

Iris’ curtsey

Here Iris delivers a lovely curtsey to match a delightful performance. Recital etiquette is an important element of a polished performance. Students learn to conduct themselves with poise and grace in front of a crowd, skills that transfer to other aspects of adult life.    

Candace teaching a piano lesson via Zoom

August 2020

Online Lessons

Online classes are popular with students who have busy schedules and want to save the commute. Improvements in technology allowed us to continue our lesson routine without interruption during the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 2022 recital.jpg

May 2022

May 2022 Performers

After several virtual recitals during the pandemic, it was great to be back together in person for a live recital. How rewarding for the students to play well after careful preparation! Friends and family were thrilled to watch them strut their stuff at Reston Community Center.

Class trip to Orpheus Music.jpg

October 2023

Orpheus Music Class Trip

Orpheus Music generouly opened their shop after hours just so we could learn more about the function of the instrument we study. Here students have the chance to see the piano from every angle, and discover exactly what happens inside when they press the keys and pedals.

Cy Shuster reveals piano secrests.png

October 2023

Revealing Piano Secrets

Our group class of October 2023 was a class trip to Orpheus Music to learn about the inner workings of the piano from piano technician Cy Shuster. Here Cy reveals some of his piano secrets to a group of curious students. 

Mom smiling as daughter plays piano_edited.jpg

October 2023

Music Bonds Families

Parents enjoyed watching their children connect with different instruments at Orpheus Music. Like people, every piano has a distinct personality, and some personalities just click! Here a mother delights in the connection between her daughter and a lovely instrument.

 "She is unerringly patient but firm and inspirational."


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